Used - overhauled - guaranteed

We have all-brand automated vertical warehouses that are ready to delivery


Automated vertical warehouses with trays having a useful length from 1250 mm to 6600 mm

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Systems available with internal and external picking area and single or double output tray


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Trays with useful capacity from 150 kg to 750 kg each

Used 4

Load heights and tray container sides configurable to fit

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Trays equipped as desired with separators and partitions

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Safe and clean storage of unpackaged small parts

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Automatic storage of packaged and boxed products

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Used, overhauled and guaranteed automated vertical warehouses with available heights from 3 to 12 metres


We have all-brand automated vertical warehouses that are ready to delivery, overhauled, guaranteed and with optimal economic conditions. In our factories, customers have the opportunity to choose the model among the different types of overhauled and ready for sale automated vertical warehouses that best suits their storage needs and experience first-hand the scrupulous and meticulous overhauling that is carried out on the machines before shipping, both in terms of replacing worn parts and purely on a level of aesthetics and cleanliness